Cobalt & Sterling Silver Bead Necklace

This is most beautiful necklace created just for Natasha by famous jeweler to Royal family of Russia.
Is made of genuine Russian cobalt beads vith sterling silver beads and "S" clasp. Is also vith pretty, shiny dichroic glass long beads. Pendant is lovely tvisted leaf shape vith silver dust in background and dramatic slashes of cobalt blue and accents of copper dust. (Natasha LOVES dramatic slashes). Length of necklace is 17". Pendant is 2 1/2" long
Necklace vas designed for Natasha to vear to big Royal vedding last year - please notice is same colors as Natasha's most famous blue hat.  But, vas unfortunate - in rush of packing, pretty necklace vas left behind. And since Natasha vas photographed vearing famous blue hat, ve can no longer vear in public. So, ve are thinking, maybe vould be pretty for Plunderer neck, and vould help raise money for dear Vhitey-Lance.
Price: $45.00
Note from Natasha about the price: Is very good steal for $45.00 just for prestige of having something vonce owned by the glamorous Natasha, Vorld's Best Undercover Spy.

Angel Aroma Melts Warmer


Perfect for the Holidays!   Decorate your home!   Celebrate your life!   Illuminate your spirit! This Angel will watch over your home and festivities.

Size:  Approximately 8 inches long, 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide 

Price:  $24.50. One votive candle included

*Limited quantities: 1 item available

Island Select Cocoa Mixes

Item #: 2Masquers SOLD*SOLD*SOLD
Island Select Cocoa Mixes provide the puuurfect beverage for a cold winter's day.  Relax by the fireside & enjoy a cup of Belgian White Chocolate, or sit down with the family around a cup of Decadent Dark Chocolate.  The Raspberry Milk Chocolate is a favorite of kids & adults alike.  Top with whipped cream or a marshmallow for an added treat.
3 great flavors sure to cozy up the evening, or start your day feeling tip top.
Price: Gift Box of 3 Island Select Rich Hot Cocoa Mixes - $30.50

*Limited quantities: 1 item available

Two books by John Vallant: The Tiger and The Golden Spruce (sold together)

Item: #3 – Dawson SOLD*SOLD*SOLD
The Tiger: John Vallant researches his subject(s) exhaustively and his descriptive writing is unsurpassed in most books I've read in the past few years. This story pounced upon me with no warning and kept my nose to the pages until the end.  Along the way I learned some geography (maps included) and decided I was darn glad that I live in an area where my spit has the decency to hit the ground before it freezes. These great cats, the Amur or Siberian tiger, can weigh up to 800 pounds!  Unfortunately almost all their body parts are in high demand in China and so they have been hunted to endangerment. "Temple Grandin says this book is a must read and I agree. Warning: Violence.
The Golden Spruce. The same quality research, attention riveting descriptive writing and inside-their-heads character development this time to do with a scientific marvel, a tourist attraction and a Haida revered 300 year old Golden Spruce tree that grew on the Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).  This book gives the history of the area, the first European contacts with the Haida and the most dangerous job in North America - logging those ancient forests. (Sob, sob)
Both of these books won awards. A friendly stuffed tiger goes with these items.
Price:  $30.00
*Quantities limited: 1 item available
*A matching gift of $30. will be sent to Snowhook when these items sell - to honor Mollypop - a friend of Chet's.

Red felted wool purse

#4-Dawson  SOLD***SOLD***SOLD
A whimsical bag for those who have the Spirit of the Holidays. The bag measures 11" by 15" and the handles are also 11" long so you can sling over your shoulders if you so desire.  
The top is cut in a zig-zag pattern and folded over with colorful felted wool balls attached to make it even more festive. This is not light weight felt. It is soft and heavy. You can stuff this bag full of quarters (or rocks) and the handles would hold up. Plus, then, you could swing it around and whop any Scrooges or undesirables with it. But wait! I forgot! It is the season of Peace and Good will. So don't do that until after the New Year.  Because otherwise the little felted wool stocking that goes with it may be filled with coal.
Price: $25.00
*Quantities limited: 1 item available
*When this item is sold a matching gift will be sent Snowhook in honor of Mollypop - a Plunderer extraordinaire.

Fishing Vest

Item#: 5- Dawson *SOLD*SOLD*SOLD
It's a generous size medium, with a snap at the front mid section, in case you don't want to use the zipper and a snap on each shoulder...what's that about? Don't ask me but they are working snaps so there must be a reason for them. A snap on each side for...what? To make it fit just a little tighter in case you're worried about style? I don't know, really. Then there are zippers: The main one in front to zip up the vest and one on either side to close large pockets. Velcro, lots of velcro, If the pocket doesn't have a zipper, it has velcro, including a 10" by 12" pocket on the lower back. I'm not sure what goes in all these pockets. I'm guessing worms, though.
This vest was handcrafted in Nepal or so it says. I'm pretty sure they used a machine. The vest goes with an ornament that has a fishing net, a paddle (in case you get stuck up that creek without one) and two fish (so you will never get skunked) all hanging under the head of Smoky the Bear or one of his cousins. Don't ask me what that's about. I don't know.
Price $25.00
*Quantities limited: 1 item available
*When this items is a sold a matching gift to be sent to Snowhook upon purchase of this item in honor of Agent Mollypop.

Cat in a Cup

Whimsical 6X6 decorator tile depicting a cat nestled in a latte cup.  Brilliant colors!  Backing allows for hanging or free standing with built in stand.  Great gift for the cat lover in your family or just to stir up the dogs!!
 Price:  $15.00
*Quantities limited: 1 item available

Colorful Cat Windchime

Cat Windchime
Cast pewter cat windchime with a rainbow of colors added to the design.  Windchime is heavy cast pewter and hangs 24 inches from top of cat to bottom of butterfly.  Solid aluminum rods have a beautiful sound when stirred by the wind.  Picture shows detail of cat on the left and entire chime on the right.  Beautiful addition to your outdoor space!
 Price:  $30.00
*Limited quantities: 1 item available

Muffy Vanderbear

Item#: 8-Macy SOLD*SOLD*SOLD
Muffy Vanderbear is all dressed for the holidays!  This retired 1992 cutie is out of the box, but has a stand.  Muffy Ginger Bear Holiday Limited Edition Cookie outfit in brown velour with white "icing" and "gumdrop" buttons.  Gingerbread recipe card tied to wrist.
Price:  $20.00
*Limited quantities: 1 item available

Muffy of the North

Item #: 9-Macy SOLD * SOLD * SOLD
'Muffy of the North' is a fall 1994 retired limited edition. Muffy is Iditarod ready for the coldest temperatures in her parka with suede boots and mittens.  She comes with her pet seal and a stand.  Excellent condition.
Size: 8 in. tall. 
Price:  $25.00
Limited quantities: 1 item available

Pair of Cat Christmas Pillowcases (red & green trimmed cuffs)

Item #: 10-Staff SOLD*SOLD*SOLD
For cat lovers and Christmas celebrators, these two pillowcases, size 21" by 32", are a delight.  They are big enough for queen sized pillows.   I have been saving this fabric for something special for a few years.  The cats gambol on the white background among stars, holly and Christmas ornaments.  The 6" cuffs are a matching red and green with monochromatic stars. 
Lots of fun for a sweet holiday gift for the cat lovers on your list.  
Price:  $20.00
*Limited quantities: 1 pair of red and green trimmed pillowcases available

Pair of Cat Christmas Pillowcases (gold trimmed cuffs)

Item #: 11-Staff  SOLD*SOLD*SOLD
For cat lovers and Christmas celebrators, these two pillowcases, size 21" by 32", are a delight.  They are big enough for queen sized pillows.   I have been saving this fabric for something special for a few years.  The cats gambol on the white background among stars, holly and Christmas ornaments.  The 6" cuffs are a soft gold that matches the ribbons, stars and ornaments. 
Lots of fun for a sweet holiday gift for the cat lovers on your list.
Price: $20.00

*Quantities limited: 1 pair of gold trimmed pillowcases available

Pair of Funky Chicken Potholders

Two funky chicken potholders.  One has a red backing and the other has a black with white 'eggs' backing.
Yes I know the picture shows three potholders but that is ONLY so you can see the two backings.  This offer is for TWO potholders.
These potholders are 7 inches square and have a convenient loop for hooking over any hooks in your kitchen.  Massively convenient for all the 'Dishlickers' who cook.
Yes, these potholders were made with leftover fabric from the amazing Funky Chicken quilt made by Wookie's Mom.  What a deal!
Price: $20.00
*Quantities limited: O pairs available

Brown Pearls and Seed Bead Bracelet

Item #: 13-Staff SOLD*SOLD*SOLD
This delicate bracelet is made of small, brown dyed pearls and seed beads.  It is 7 inches long.  The clasp is silver.  A simple and elegant piece of jewelry for the Snowhook fans.  It is not long enough for cats or small dogs.  Sorry guys.
Price:  $20.00
*Quantities limited: 1 item available

Glass Bead Bracelet with Vintage Button Clasp

Item #: 14-Staff SOLD*SOLD*SOLD
This fun bracelet is made of assorted glass beads in green, blue and turquoise colors.  The blue flower that forms the clasp is a vintage button.  The bracelet is 7 inches long.  My favorite bead is the turquoise star.  
Price: $20.00
*Limited quantities: 1 item available

Pair of Funky Chicken Pillowcases

Item: #15-Staff SOLD*SOLD*SOLD
These two pillowcases, size 21" by 32", are made with the same fabric used in the great Funky Chicken quilt made by Wookie's Mom.  Added to the Funky Chicken fabric used in the cuffs is a bright matching red and white with black dots fabric that matches the chickens.   The pillowcases are big enough for queen sized pillows.  Perfect for the chicken lover on your gift list.
If you want to impress the homemaker in your family and friends you can buy the matching potholders too. 
Price:  $20.00
*Limited quantities: 

Pampered Poochies Knitting Pattern

Item #: 32-Macy SOLD*SOLD*SOLD

12 Knitting Patterns for the Well-dressed Dog including: Sassy Snuggle Suit, Swanky Sweater, Carry Y'all and more!  Includes Snazzy pooch knitting needles.

Price: $20.00

*Limited quantities: 1 item available

Quilled Gift Cards

Created using a technique called quilling, these handcrafted gift cards make a perfect gift for any occasion, or keep them for yourself and use as a ideal finish to a special gift year round.
Packaged in a decorative box, each card is decorated with a unique paper quilled design. 
Price: $35:00 for one set of 16 gift cards
*Limited quantities: O SETS of sixteen cards in available at this time. 

Sled Dog Dreaming Gift Cards

Item #: 33-NewfPack
You open your mail box and there is an envelope.  A real envelope.  You pick it up and there is your name written out  . . . long hand.  Amazing, you think to yourself.  You open it and there is a card:
Sled dogs in front of you, pulling you to the vast open spaces of Alaska.

Now think of the joy you will give when you mail out these wonderful cards.

Size: Eight cards to a set, 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches.  Envelopes included.
Colors: White with gray; image of a Snowhook training run courtesy of AJ.

Price: $15 per set of eight

*Limited quantities:0 sets of 8 available

Paw Print Neck Gaiter

Item #: 34-Snowhook

Minutes before trucking to the 2011 Iditarod Restart, Rebecca took to the sewing machine to sew her father, Coach a neck gaiter.  He wore the fleece, paw-print neck gaiter proudly and made some members of Snowhook’s pit crew a bit jealous.  Rebecca will outfit the 2012 pit crew with a paw-printed neck gaiter, yet if you want to dress like part of the team without any of the work now is your chance! 

Color: White background with black paw prints.   Option for a solid color fleece lining (black, pink, purple, green, red, yellow, orange or blue)

Size: One size fits all

Price: $12.00 for unlined
             $17.00 for a lined neck gaiter (please specify color in order)