Red felted wool purse

#4-Dawson  SOLD***SOLD***SOLD
A whimsical bag for those who have the Spirit of the Holidays. The bag measures 11" by 15" and the handles are also 11" long so you can sling over your shoulders if you so desire.  
The top is cut in a zig-zag pattern and folded over with colorful felted wool balls attached to make it even more festive. This is not light weight felt. It is soft and heavy. You can stuff this bag full of quarters (or rocks) and the handles would hold up. Plus, then, you could swing it around and whop any Scrooges or undesirables with it. But wait! I forgot! It is the season of Peace and Good will. So don't do that until after the New Year.  Because otherwise the little felted wool stocking that goes with it may be filled with coal.
Price: $25.00
*Quantities limited: 1 item available
*When this item is sold a matching gift will be sent Snowhook in honor of Mollypop - a Plunderer extraordinaire.

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