Fishing Vest

Item#: 5- Dawson *SOLD*SOLD*SOLD
It's a generous size medium, with a snap at the front mid section, in case you don't want to use the zipper and a snap on each shoulder...what's that about? Don't ask me but they are working snaps so there must be a reason for them. A snap on each side for...what? To make it fit just a little tighter in case you're worried about style? I don't know, really. Then there are zippers: The main one in front to zip up the vest and one on either side to close large pockets. Velcro, lots of velcro, If the pocket doesn't have a zipper, it has velcro, including a 10" by 12" pocket on the lower back. I'm not sure what goes in all these pockets. I'm guessing worms, though.
This vest was handcrafted in Nepal or so it says. I'm pretty sure they used a machine. The vest goes with an ornament that has a fishing net, a paddle (in case you get stuck up that creek without one) and two fish (so you will never get skunked) all hanging under the head of Smoky the Bear or one of his cousins. Don't ask me what that's about. I don't know.
Price $25.00
*Quantities limited: 1 item available
*When this items is a sold a matching gift to be sent to Snowhook upon purchase of this item in honor of Agent Mollypop.

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