Cobalt & Sterling Silver Bead Necklace

This is most beautiful necklace created just for Natasha by famous jeweler to Royal family of Russia.
Is made of genuine Russian cobalt beads vith sterling silver beads and "S" clasp. Is also vith pretty, shiny dichroic glass long beads. Pendant is lovely tvisted leaf shape vith silver dust in background and dramatic slashes of cobalt blue and accents of copper dust. (Natasha LOVES dramatic slashes). Length of necklace is 17". Pendant is 2 1/2" long
Necklace vas designed for Natasha to vear to big Royal vedding last year - please notice is same colors as Natasha's most famous blue hat.  But, vas unfortunate - in rush of packing, pretty necklace vas left behind. And since Natasha vas photographed vearing famous blue hat, ve can no longer vear in public. So, ve are thinking, maybe vould be pretty for Plunderer neck, and vould help raise money for dear Vhitey-Lance.
Price: $45.00
Note from Natasha about the price: Is very good steal for $45.00 just for prestige of having something vonce owned by the glamorous Natasha, Vorld's Best Undercover Spy.

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